Item Details - LED Dash / Speedo Kit Bulbs Ford Mondeo Mk3 2000-07 Instrument Cluster

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LED Dash / Speedo Kit Bulbs Ford Mondeo Mk3 2000-07 Instrument Cluster

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Item Description

This custom LED Dash kit has been made especially for the Ford Mondeo MK3 2000 -07

Please note: to get them as bright as the photo you need to sand off the green film on the back of the clocks otherwise they will look a bit green and not as bright

Tested with standard 6LED forward facing bulbs didn't look that great so we changed to our bulbs with side facing LEDs and this was the result! Available in blue & white only

  • What will this change colour?
  • Full Dial Cluster ONLY
  • Total: 6 bulbs

Why Buy from us?

  • Guaranteed correct bulbs for your car! We have been in this business Since April 2006
  • Flat Topped LED bulbs - Less chance of bright spots
  • Vivid bright colour's
  • 50000+ Hours life span
  • All LEDs are push or twist fit - No need for any soldering
  • Unfortunatley we have no fitting instructions
  • Email & Phone help


  • Is this easy to do?
  • Its easy for the average DIYer. Removing the parts out of your dash is the hard bit. Replacing the bulbs is a simple push or twist. No Soldering Required
  • Some bulbs don't work?
  • Turn them 180 degrees. LED's have positive and negative terminals and therefore will only work 1 way
  • How many bulbs do i get?
  • Check the top of the listing for the amount of bulbs you get and whatt it converts

the 509t bulbs may require a bit of bending/crimping of the metal prongs to make them fit snug. Its also good practice to test they all work before putting the dash back together.


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